The festivals of Agreements in 2021 finished. Look at summary

The International Festival of Folklore FACES OF TRADITION 2021 Zielona Góra

Festival was held on September 16-19, 2021. in hybrid form. The organizer of the festival was the Regional Center for Cultural Animation in Zielona Góra. The host of the festival was the Lubuski Song and Dance Ensemble named by Ludwik Figas.

During the Festival, the audience could see the presentations of 17 ensembles on the stage next to the Town Hall and on the large screen, while the audience in front of computer monitors could watch whole 4 days of the Festival.

On September 16, 2021, the competition ensembles presented themselves on the stage in music and dance programs, and in the evening there was an integration meeting with dance lessons.

On September 17, 2021 there was "Lubuskie Folklorem Painted" day, during which there were competition presentations "Musicians in Zielona Góra" - competition for bands and instrumentalists, and "Singers in Zielona Góra" - a competition for soloists presenting traditional folk repertoire.

On September 18, 2021, a gala concert took place - GALA OF TRADITION, where all the bands participating in the International Folklore Festival FACES OF TRADITION 2021 Zielona Góra performed online and live. On the stage we also saw the winners of the "Musicians in Zielona Góra" and "Singers in Zielona Góra" competitions, as well as special guests who added color and character to the event with their performances. On the stage, chairman of the Artistic Council Professor dr hab. Piotr Dahlig introduced the winners of the competitions. The First Prize at the Faces of Tradition International Folklore Festival Zielona Góra 2021 was awarded to the Center of Traditional Art "KORENI" from Serbia.

On September 19,2021-last day of the festiwal ensembles presented their artistic programs on the stage of the Ethnographic Museum in Ochla. In the farms in the open-air museum, they prepared traditional dishes of their regions, offering them to the guests.

On each day of the Festival, activities aimed at the audience were carried out, with particular emphasis on children and adolescents, such as folk workshops, a folk fair, dance and vocal animations, as well as numerous competitions.

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Due to  still doesn't clear situation with pandemics restrictions,  26th International Dance Festival "FOLK HARBOR" were held in HYBRID VERSION. It means it was joining two forms: friendly ARTISTIC MEETING for the groups which were able to participate personally and ONLINE COMPETITION for the foreign groups which sent video material.




 The 25th International Folklore Meetings "nad Iną" in Goleniów were moved to 2022 (June 18-28) due to the pandemic.

In 2021, on June 23 - June 27. Workshops devoted to Kashubian dances were organized. They were attended by: Tanz- und Folkloreensemble Ihna e.V. from Erlangen, Fritz-Reuter-Ensemble e.V. from Anklam and, as the host of, ZPiT INA. Over 100 dancers in total. In addition to intensive dance classes, the participants visited Wolin and Międzyzdroje. An integration picnic in the garden of the Goleniów Cultural Center, where participants learned the secrets of weaving, herbal medicine, butter production, wreaths, beads, milking cows and cows, was the  important event. In addition, the participants took part in a holy mass and an evaluation meeting. The meeting was educational.


International Festival of Folk Culture - Kozielice

The Commune Cultural Center in Kozielice, for the first time under its own name, the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FOLK CULTURE, in cooperation with the Pyrzycki House of Culture, the Housewives' Clubs, village leaders and councils, and the Volunteer Fire Department, organized a festival of folk dance and singing. The event in the commune lasted three days and took place in four towns. We hosted dance groups and singers from all over Poland on our "stages".

 On the first day in Siemczyno we hosted the Children's Folk Group "CEPELIA-POZNAŃ". Apart from the traditional performance, the children participated in workshops where they taught the Siemczyń community about folk dance and songs. At the end, we all had fun with cotton candy and soap bubbles.

On July 3, in Łozice, we welcomed the Lemkos Song and Dance Ensemble "KYCZERA" from Legnica. The team has been operating since 1991 and engages nearly 400 young people. He presented his band and a colorful folk dance.

Traditionally, our local Folk Group "MORNING" from Tetyń, which sang the audience, also performed.

From north-eastern Poland, the Masurian Song and Dance Ensemble "EŁK" came to us, it is a multi-generation ensemble that has been operating since 2001 at the Ełk Cultural Center. MZPiT "EŁK" is the initiator and organizer of many cultural events, such as the World Folklore Festival "RAINBOW".

On the same day, in the evening, the Regional Group "PRZYSZOWIANIE". The team has a multi-generational character. We were honored by the presence of the "JARZĘBINA" Singing Group from Kozielice, which performed in Załęże for the first time after a long break. The third guest was the Song and Dance Ensemble "STRZECHA"

On Sunday, July 4 in Kozielice, local groups came to us: the Folk Group "MORNING" from Tetyń, the "JARZĘBINA" Singing Group from Kozielice, which led the procession from the Church to the square next to the primary school. Invited guests: the "PRZYSZOWIANIE" Regional Group, which showed its dancing and singing skills in Załęże, the "PYRZYCE" Song and Dance Ensemble, headed by Joanna Suwińska, and the "TAM I OWO" Vocal Group from Szczecin, where Antonia Janczak was the conductor.,miedzynarodowy-festiwal-kultury-ludowej

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