KIDS FUN FOLK (Poznań) - 23 - 27.06.2022

XII International Festival of Folklore KIDS FUN FOLK – Poznań

 See you soon.

International Children’s Folk Festival KIDS FUN FOLK is an event organised in 2010-2011 by the Association of the Third Age, and from 2012 till today by the Association of Folk Culture Friends “Live up to folk.” KIDS FUN FOLK Festival is a celebration of music, dance and singing, cultivating and popularizing achievements of non-material cultural heritage of many nationalities. It takes place in the City of Poznań, the Poznań district and the Wielkopolska Region. The festival is addressed to children and youth, as well as to people living and visiting the region. During the festival parades through the streets of cities, open concerts, educational concerts and dance workshops in schools take place. Extraordinary events accompanying the festival give it a unique character. International Children’s Folklore Festival KIDS FUN FOLK is a week of unforgettable artistic impressions and emotions, to which we invite everybody living and visiting the City and the Region.




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