14th Meeting of Agreement of the Folklore Festivals of Western Poland- Kozielice, March 10-11, 2021

Agenda of the meeting on 03/10/2021:

  • preparation, implementation, recording of the production of the PFFPZ trailer
  • recommendation of the director of the Pyrzyce Cultural Center - Rafał Roguszko, in order to join the Municipal Cultural Center into the Agreement, voting
  • AFFWP FESTIVALS  events 2020 - short presentation of last year's festivals
  • 2021 - this year's editions, plans and assumptions
  • ceramic workshops

More on https://www.folklorefestivals.pl/xiv-spotkanie-porozumienia-festiwali-folklorystycznych-polski-zachodniej-kozielice-10-11032021.html

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