ON THE RIVER INA (Goleniów) - 2020

The 25th International Folk Meetings NAD INA in Goleniów  will not take place on the originally planned date 24-30.06.2020 because of  pandemic. The festival date is planned for two probable dates: 19-23.08.2020. or 17-20.09.2020. Decision will be taken by 30 June 2020


International Folk Meetings ON THE RIVER INA – Golenió

International Folk Meetings “On the River Ina” held in Goleniów since 1995. The main purpose of the meetings is to promote folklore, learning about the culture of other nations and the integration of the participants. The festival is not a competition. As part of the Festival teams perform 3-4 concerts together and held workshops during which prepared a Polish dance (Polonez) and common dances, fun presentation during the concerts and animations with the locals. In his spare time, the organizers are proposing various forms of integration (Jelly battle, football, kayaking, painting workshops, relax on the beach, cruises, city game, questing).

Until 2017 the festival was attended by 57 folk groups of Polish, Europe and Asia. The cost of staying in a 100% covered by the organizer. The festival is carried out at the turn of June and July (5 nights in a hostel or with a family). In each year, we invited a group of 3-4 in different age. In order to receive an invitation to adopt at home at the festival ZPiT ZG “Ina”, which hosts the Festival -International Folk Meetings “ON THE RIVER INA”.




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