FOLK HARBOR (Gorzów) - 2021

 XXVI International Dance Festival "Folk Harbor" POSTONED till 2021.

The most important reasons for this decision are uncertainty and confusion especially in the economic situation, a great sense of sadness in the face of disaster around the world.

We hope that the invited Groups will be with us next year. It is worth presenting these unique folk groups that we did not have the opportunity to introduce earlier. Let's dance with them virtual this year




XXVI International Dance Festival “FOLK Harbor” WILL BE HELD IN 29 June  – 4 July 2020 IN GORZÓW WLKP., POLAND

  • festival is a COMPETITION
  • We invite children and youth FOLKLORE GROUPS
  • ACCOMMODATION in dormitory or hotels, 3 meals a day
  • FINANCIAL AWARDS, statuettes, other distinctions for the participating groups
  • COSTS of participation depend on the accommodation
  • From 2016 got acceptation to be officially recognized as festival FIDAF



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