KIDS FUN FOLK (Poznań) 17 – 21.06.2020

International Festival of Folklore KIDS FUN FOLK – Poznań International Children’s Folk Festival KIDS FUN FOLK is an event organised in 2010-2011 by the Association of the Third Age, and from 2012 till today by the Association of Folk Culture […]

FOLK HARBOR (Gorzów) 29.06 – 4.07. 2020

XXVI International Dance Festival “FOLK Harbor” WILL BE HELD IN 29 June  – 4 July 2020 IN GORZÓW WLKP., POLAND festival is a COMPETITION We invite children and youth FOLKLORE GROUPS ACCOMMODATION in dormitory or hotels, 3 meals a day […]

ON THE RIVER INA (Goleniów) 24.06 – 30.06.2020

International Folk Meetings ON THE RIVER INA – Goleniów International Folk Meetings “On the River Ina” held in Goleniów since 1995. The main purpose of the meetings is to promote folklore, learning about the culture of other nations and the […]

FACES OF TRADITION (Zielona Góra) 19 – 24.07.2020

International Festival of Folklore FACES OF TRADITION – Zielona Góra The Festival “FACES OF TRADITION” realised by the Regional Centre of Animation of Culture is a continuation of the international festivals of folklore organised in Zielona Góra for over 50 […]

MEETINGS WITH FOLKLORE (Pyrzyce) 25 – 28.06.2020

International Festival MEETINGS WITH FOLKLORE – Pyrzyce The source of Pyrzyckie Spotkania z Folklorem (Pyrzyce Folk Meetings) was the desire to create the new, common identity of people who came to the region of Pyrzyce after II WW. Currently, the […]